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WWII Advertorials

"Inauguration of a new 101st Airborne monument in Bastogne"


Today on 26 september 2008 place the City and the citizens of Bastogne a brand new monument.

The ceremony was nice and honerable, some men gave a speech.

A speech from the mayor of Bastogne, the presentation of the US and Belgian godmothers and godfathers of the monument.

Only in all respect and appreciation for the other speakers for us is the most important speaker Mrs. Mary Ann Mc Keen
she is the daughter of Dennis McKeen (2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regt., 101st Airborne).

On January 3, 1945, the young soldier received a severe stomach wound at the top of ? Bois de la Paix? in Bastogne.
He was 21 years old. Traumatized, he was unable to speak although still living.
A medic carried him in a jeep toward Bizory, where medical help waited.
It wasn?t long before they were fired upon by German soldiers and taken prisoner.
The Germans began to take to an unidentified military quarter, but the young wounded soldier passed away before they arrived.
The Germans left Dennis? body on the road near the East side of Bastogne.

Dennis McKeen body was never found again.

He was the beloved husband of Clara McKeen and their daughter, Mary-Ann, who was just a few months old when he passed away.
She was born shortly after her father left to serve in Europe in early September 1944.

Mary-Ann was selected as the honored godmother for this event. An anonymous sponsor has made it possible for Mary-Ann and her family to travel to attend the ceremony.

.............Again a day to remember.

This information came from Ivan Heytens and Linda Cautaert they were present by this ceremony.